Step 2: Prepare to work for what you want

The most valuable asset you could offer a potential employer is experience. Although a qualification can be great for getting a foot in the door, anyone who has worked long enough knows that theory and practice are not often synonymous. Remember, what you are being hired for is to do work, and experience proves that you can do just that (well, it almost does). Years of flying under the radar at a company is hardly going to leave you with many tangible skills. The only valuable form of experience you can gain is the kind you actually worked for, because experience you work for is experience you can demonstrate. Proving your proficiency in the job you’re asking for is by far the most convincing argument you can make.

By this point, you’ve probably gathered that this blog is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I’m not going to be teaching you any tricks to cheat the system, or telling you that being lazy is ok. What I want is to help you get your priorities straight and work smarter, but by no means does working smart automatically replace working hard. Hard work spent doing something worthless will always be worthless no matter how hard you work, but hard work spent doing something beneficial becomes more beneficial the harder you work.

A lot of people associate the words: “hard work” with feelings of displeasure. To many of us, the word: “work” is reserved for the stuff we do at our jobs; work we tend to see as benefiting our employer more than it benefits us. When we have this mindset, the harder we work, the greater the gap seems to grow between our employer’s benefit and our own. We need to break out of this way of thinking. Sure, hard work is not necessarily fun, but it should always feel worthwhile. If your job does not leave you proud after a hard day’s work, you need to find one that does.

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